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Strategic Decisions

“Wisdom is the Prudent, Effective and Timely application of knowledge.”
~Walter L. McKinney Jr.~


Here at McKinney Group Wealth we know that when you make a decision, is as important as the decision made.

Have you ever started on a road trip without knowing where you are going? It sounds absurd but when it comes to financial matters, many of us have done just that. We start to accumulate stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance, wills, trusts, etc. without ever knowing if these things are geared toward helping us reach our destination. At McKinney Group Wealth , we believe wise financial decisions are those that help you to achieve what is most important to you

In my many years as a Financial Advisor I have had the distinct opportunity to have experienced the last three major market corrections. At McKinney Group Wealth we believe that this gives us a real advantage over other wealth management teams who did not experience the corrections.