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"Wealth is not a money issue, It is a discipline and a planning issue"
-Walter L Mc Kinney Jr.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is not the end of a chapter of one’s life. We view retirement as the beginning of a list of unlimited options that are now possible and within our clients reach. The planning is now more important than ever, we must bring the future into focus so we can plan for it now.

Tax Planning / Strategy

Investment decisions are made by people every day and many of the decisions are quickly decided without regard to the tax implications of the investments.  Our team consults with tax strategists and numerous CPA firms to stay up to date on the current tax code and their implications so all investment vehicles and decisions are reviewed by two team members to help insure that we address the taxes associated with growing, distributing and transferring your wealth. We will work closely with your family accountant or provide alternatives as needed.

Estate Planning

Deciding how, when and to whom you transfer your wealth is a very sensitive and personal matter and one in which attention to detail is critical. As such we develop comprehensive estate plans which are updated as needed to make sure that your plans are executed properly. We will work with your private attorney, provide alternatives if needed and coordinate family meetings to make sure that everyone understands the overall strategy.

Investment Strategy

We use customized portfolios designed to help you accomplish your long term goals. Our objective for every client is to manage risk, by means of using a number of risk management tactics from asset allocation to our proprietary strategies. As with everything, we do not begin the rigorous task of diligently choosing investment vehicles until we first understand your goals, time horizon, and your risk profile. As independent financial representatives we are neither obligated nor limited to any one investment or fund family, but instead are free to make recommendations that are suitable for our clients. 

Risk Management Planning

Protecting your wealth is just as important as accumulating it. Our professionals advise and review your life, disability, long term care, property and causality insurance to make sure you have proper coverage. If your coverage needs to be updated or added, our professionals are equipped to find you appropriate coverage. If needed, we are qualified to write life, disability and long term care insurance.

Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow Management is a crucial aspect of every budget. From determining cash needed to pay monthly expenses, constructing budgets, to making sure that liquid assets are available to accomplish these needs, cash flow planning is a high priority.

Are We the Right Fit For You?

  1. Do you want more control by having a team of professionals which does not look at financial challenges from their own perspective but insures the whole team (Attorney, CPA, and Financial Advisor) looks at the challenge from the client’s perspective?
  2. Do you want to have more time to pursue your dreams, goals, build your business, enjoy travel, retirement or spend more quality time with your family and friends?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then McKinney Group Wealth is for you.

LPL Financial does not render tax or legal advice. There are no guarantees that any managed portfolio will meet its intended objective. Neither asset allocation nor diversification can ensure a profit or prevention of loss in times of declining values.